I have been wondering why Larry Bender of Na-Tah-Ka never rebuilt or remodeled the Big Bass Lake Store rather than building another grocery outlet just across the street? Having grown up in that area I would think he would have a sense of tradition and want to keep the fuel pumps near the lake for the conveinance of boaters on Big Bass Lake.

It would be difficult to remodel the Big Bass Lake Store but a rebuilt store would have made more sense to continue the tradition at the lake even if the store had to be renamed Na-Tah-Ka. The old Na-Tah-Ka tavern had once been just across the street from the Big Bass Lake store and now it is found halfway between Big Bass Lake and Loon Lake.

Rebuilding the Big Bass Lake Store, whatever it’s name, would have been a good tribute to the legacy of Otto Bartlett and he Bender family.