Lone Campout

Once per trip two of the older boys liked to campout by themselves just off the old logging trail about a quarter of a mile in from Noreika Road. A tent was erected with stipulations that no fire be built in that area. The test, if you will, was for a one nighter by themselves in the forest.

Rarely, if ever, did the kids venture outside that tent once it was erected until the next morning. Somtime during the night I would check them out but not to scare them. I instead wanted to make sure they were okay. I didn’t have to worry about scaring them by way of the evidence that the boys never left their tent.

The older boys always like the concept of taking on the woods by themselves only they never really allowed themselves the opportunity to do so as I can’t remember any of them venturng out of the tent once I initially left the area. The darkenss and stillness of the forest always kept them inside. Still each twosome did manage to spend the whole night but were most eager for me to gather them up in the morning to rejoin the others at the wooded beachfront for breakfast.

Oh, for that lone camping experience!?

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