Sunset Hiking Trips

Most of our hiking trips either on our property or down the Bloody Antler Trail began as sunset. They lasted till just after midnight at which point we would return to our campsite by Big Bass Lake for either a brief campfire or bed.

On one trip on our property we hiked down a portion of our forest that we rarely traveled and that was just past the big swamp to the left which led to another swamp on the left side of the trail. It was just past the phone lines that cut through the middle of our land. That trail eventualy led to Big Bass Lake Road and then we would hike that road back south and past our gravel pit to Noreika Road.

If we hiked down the Bloody Antler Trail we always walked to the large evergreen tree farm about four miles from our campsite. On a trip with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club we had an experience where a large deer bolted from behind one of those evergreen trees and everyone hit the ground. It came out of the darkness and surprised everyone. Some of the kids thought it was a bear at first but afterwards everyone had a good nervous laugh over it all. Needless to say that was the conversation of the evening on the way back to our campsite.

But all those hikes always began at sunset and usually flashlights were only used for emergency purposes as they tend to rob one of their night vision. At the tree farm the kids were always amazed as to how many stars they could find in the sky. Quite amazing!

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