My dad always used to tell me what a thriving town Peacock, Michigan, was but even in my young days, Peacock was just a blur in the road. No stop sign, not even a flashing light. Branch, Michigan, at least had a flashing yellow light and I thought that was small too. In fact, Peacock was just a little burg with a few houses and that was it.

Yet in my dad’s day, Peacock was something else as it had its own train depot which made it something in those days. Now I’m not even sure if a train knows where Peacock is. It is located about seven or eight miles away from Big Bass Lake but unlike Irons, it has little businesses of note. Irons has restaurants and a few churches along with some other kinds of businesses.

But Peacock used to stand out in my dad’s eyes but for what I don’t know. Anyone else out there with more info on Peacock?