Most people don’t know how dangerous Lake Michigan can be in stormy seas. Here is a father and his little son about to get wet. They are nearly a quarter mile out into the lake on this breakwater. In times of high waves this is very dangerous as one can easily be swept over the breakwater with the dangerous waves that crash into it.

This wave is just what I am talking about. Now, I know some kids hate to get baths but this is ridiculous! I can make out the father but where is the sun as that wave crashed upon them? And what kind of father would risk his son’s life in those kinds of waves?

Well, at least dad grabbed the little guy as his light weight might have found him on the other side in Lake Michigan without this intervention. If they’re wearing shoes, they sure are wet ones now. Do you see how dangerous these breakwaters can be when the waves are high?

Here, dad is showing some real paternal love but perhaps on this day he should have stayed on shore and watched these waves from afar? He must be some kind of daredevil or something. Can you even imagine how scared this kid was during all this? Well, those that tempt these breakwaters are definately not wise. But for certain, “otherwise”.