This winter has been an extremely brutal one for the majority of the country and Michigan has endured a long one as well. It makes me long for Spring. Today I am thinking about the Psalmist when he said, “He leadeth me beside the still waters”. In Winter, Michigan is not known for still waters. Yet that time is coming again and is really just around the corner.

In Michigan, Spring rarely raises its wonderful head until about mid-April. But as the flowers begin to poke their way up through the brown earth, a new vitality breaks out in me as well. It will be time to get my garden up and running again. My planting involves both flowers and vegetables as Mike and I enjoy the majority of our yearly vegetable diet straight from my garden.

So the time of still waters is not that far off now. Only about two more hard months of Winter is left. I really can’t wait for the advent of Spring this year. Does that hold true for you as well?