Sunset Swims at Big Bass Lake

One thing I really enjoyed were our sunset swims at Big Bass Lake. On a trip with the Salesian Boys Club out of Columbus, Ohio, the kids had a splash fight while I relaxed on shore in our rowboat watching the sun slowly recede. The kids then asked for the rowboat so they could turn it over and use it for diving.

Two of the boys opted out of swimming and were down at the pointe fishing. They caught five perch that night which we enjoyed at our campfire along with some marshmallows.

Swimming in the evening on the nights we chose not to take hikes was just right for the kids before evening campfire. They spent about an hour having fun swimming or fishing then dried off and got dressed for the evening campfire. Before they were out of the water our fishermen were already preparing the feast for that campfire at our secondary fire pit near the swamp.

By the time the kids were dressed it seemed that the temperature had fallen nearly ten degrees that evening in the span of a half hour so the kids huddled near the fire and chomped down on the servings of perch. Then they roasted marshmallows while joking about the days events.

I think that the boys enjoyed sunset swims more than any other swim during the day. It was a good way to tire them out for their evening slumber. Lights out, guys!

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