Ludington, Michigan, has many attractions, chief among them the beaches on Lake Michigan, but a great many people come to Ludington, literally, on its chief attraction and that is via the Ferry Boats. These large car carrying boats travel across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin depositing tourists during the summer months. I myself have made one voyage on one of those boats.

The painstaking part of the journey is boarding the boat with your vehicle which is quite time consuming both in regard to boarding and departure. Once that process is removed from the equation the rest is just pure enjoyment. The views are spectacular to say the least. Though not quite up to the expectation of a Cruise Ship atop the seven seas, Lake Michigan does have its benefits too. Some will say water is water but I prefer the Great Lakes to an ocean voyage.

One, though, doesn’t have to board the ships to admire them as that can be done from shore as you notice those large ships quite small on the horizen though getting bigger and bigger as they approach port. If you want an even closer examination of these ferry boats, walk out on the Ludington breakwater and you can observe them quite close up as they enter the channel. At those times they seem quite monsterous especially so if they appear out of a morning fog.

I will have more to say on Ludington as our travels progress.