A Quiet Pier on Seaman Lake

Seaman Lake is about a mile and a half south of Big Bass Lake and has a resort on this small lake. I remember that resort as being somewhat smaller in the years I was going up to our lake on a regular basis. Our boys club even used that resort a time or two when the weather was slightly cooler.

Those small lake piers were much in use in those days. The kids could fish right off the pier or use it as a launching platform for various dives while swimming. Of course a rowboat was always tied up to those piers for use for general rowing or even some fishing. Or at times that pier might have been used by the kids to just dangle their feet over the side while chatting with each other.

I remember some “pier time stories” after dark. At those times the kids weren’t as eager to dangle their feet in the water after a story about the frog monster of Seaman Lake. Yes, a simple pier can have a lot of uses when one uses their imaginations in that regard. Do I hear a croak in response?

Loon Lake Resort

there used to be a resort on Loon Lake back in the early 1900s. It wasn’t like a resort today but still interesting. Some nights they played bingo. For me playing bingo is like watching paint drying. But some people really enjoy it. I suppose picnics were.high on the list there. And of course swimming and fishing were popular as well. Taking a night boat ride on the lake would have been high romance in those days. Anyone else know much about this place on Loon Lake?