Well, Baldwin, Michigan, may no longer have a drive-in theatre but they do have Jones Home Made Ice Cream Parlor which is well worth the trip from any of Lake County, Michigan’s, many lakes. A nice feature of the parlor is a history of downtown Baldwin on its walls. As for the ice cream itself-

All homemade ice cream and yogurt. There are typically 14 flavors when you visit Jones- this includes 2 specials, a low-sugar, a yogurt and a sorbet- plus a wide variety of favorites. Also featured are homemade waffle cones and bowls with the option to have them chocolate covered- Yum! Jones Homemade Ice Cream in Baldwin opened in 1942. The current owners Kim and Terry Jamieson have been running Jones for the past 19 years.

Plan a visit when you are in the area and prepare for a tast treat unlike any other.