Lake County Snow Removal

One thing that has always amazed me about even rural Michigan is on how fast they clear the roads. Here in Indiana, rural roads are often never cleared but in Michigan that is not the case. Could that be because Michigan gets more snow? That would be a good argument. But even at our family farm, which is a good twenty miles off the nearest highway, Big Bass Lake Road gets cleaned off shortly after any major storm.

To get to our cottage it’s nearly impossible as our entry road is wind swept due to the open fields on each side of that road. I have twice parked my car just off Big Bass Lake Road and had to hoof in through deep snow that quarter of a mile to the cottage just to view the area.

There are a lot of rural roads in Lake County, not to mention all the surrounding counties that are full of rural arteries. My hat is off to the counties highway department for how fast the roads are cleared.

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