Not A Good Day For A Boat Trip

As a rule I don’t like big boats as I tend to get a tad seasick when upon them and these waves do nothing for my confidence. I have taken the Badger to Wisconsin many times but never on days when the waves are high.

It’s a good thing that they don’t show movies on ferry boats because it would be my luck to get The Poseidon Adventure. Or it would be my day to have Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Not that the amenities on ferry boats aren’t good, because they are, however on wavy days I would need to see a doctor preferably on the dock!

Waves are only good to swim in but not to ride up and down like a bucking broncho. It should be said that these boats are built to withstand high waves. One can still get seasick even on the best of days. Perhaps a nap in my quarters would be in order. Later!

A Long Winter

As seasons go, this winter has been an unusually long and cold one in the Manistee National Forest especially so when it is your workplace day in and out.  But don’t get me wrong as I enjoy my work and I love this forest dearly.  It seems as if Michigan is down to two seasons these days as summer drifts right into winter and vice versa.  Spring and Fall seem never to happen as October warm days lead into the winter days of November and then winter doesn’t yield the ghost until nearly mid April. 

Perhaps its just me but fall and spring seem never to happen in Michigan.  Or they don’t happen to last as long as the calendar says they do.  Winter lasts about five months in Michigan and summer is about four months long which only leaves about three months for fall and spring  to share.  Does anyone else feel that way about Michigan weather?  Not that I’m complaining, mind you, as there are enough activities in each long season to suit me.  And since evergreens are always green, summer never seems to really lose its edge around here.  Perhaps that’s why they’re called evergreens?

According to my watch its almost time for our month and a half of spring?  I’m ready!

Waterfall Bathing

the Joplin Boys Club had a camping program near Joplin. I took 8 boys to a nearby waterfall. Sammy liked the idea of camping near the waterfall. All the boys asked if they could take a shower under the waterfall. They all wore swimsuits but I tried first to see what the water pressure would feel like. It wasn’t bad but very cold. The kids used the word refreshing. My shower was brief but the boys stayed under a good half-hour. We took this picture after they had got dressed. They were pretty full of themselves at the time. We had a great dinner that night and a sing-along and a few ghost stories before bedtime. All in all it was a great camping trip.

Aqualad Kyle

Kyle of the salesian boys club was nicknamed Aqualad. He swam at our beach more than any other kid on the trip. He was around the water at Lake Michigan and at the little Manistee River. His skin must have been wrinkled half the time. I never saw a kid that took the water more than Kyle. Some of us thought he was born with flippers on. Kyle was Fancy free in the water. On land he wasn’t bad and he liked to cook the most. The only thing he didn’t like was clean up chores which included the latrine. But I’m sure glad he went on the camping trip because he was very enthusiastic about most anything.

Ski Hiking

Of all my winter sport activities, this is the one I hate the most but Darlene insists on it to keep me in the shape she prefers.  I find ski hiking tedious at best as well as being quite exhausting. 

Now I can understand down hill skiing because the hill provides the movement,  but this?!  I have to do all the work and believe me it is not fun! 

Darlene likes me to go out a couple of miles before returning home.  But you don’t see her out here with me doing this endurance tester.  She’s safely back at home preparing dinner.  Where’s a good hill when you really need one?  I believe I’ll pass on ski hiking next year and take up something else less tedious like checkers.

Bloody Antler Trail Stars

at the end of the bloody antler trail there is a tree farm. And at that tree farm you can see literally every star in the sky. The Marion Boys Club witnessed this very thing. Without city lights blocking out the stars, the boys saw something they had never seen before. And their were in awe at what their eyes beheld. That was worth the walk! Even I was in awe of how the boys reacted to it all.  We stayed in that location about half an hour before moving on.

Dangerous Jogging

So, what’s wrong with this picture? This youngster is jogging on a partially iced over lake and by himsef, no less. What if he were to fall through? There would be no one around to help him out. The viable danger this kid is putting himself in is a no brainer. If a lake is only partially covered in ice, do your jogging on the shoreline.

This youngster is asking for trouble. I would caution all parents to warn their children of the dangers such as this. Use this kid as your example of what NOT to do. Even at Lake Michigan I opt to jog on the shore over that of risking my life out there on the ice.

This was taken at a Lake County lake by someone that was obviously his friend but you can see where his friend would be standing in contrast to where the kid is jogging. Not even close to him! A picture is worth a thousand words and all of the words here would be dumb!

BBQ rabbit

since our arrival here in Arizona Mike has been catching a lot of rabbits. So today I experimented with barbecued rabbit. I took three rabbits and put them in a large bowl with salt overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning I washed the rabbits completely and then topped them with old salt and garlic salt. I then basted them with butter and added pepper and olive oil. Please use olive oil instead of any other kind of oil as it works far better. Then I cook them over the barbecue about 2 to 3 hours. Every 20 minutes or so I basted them with butter. After about 2 hours I started to baste them with BBQ sauce. As for the barbecue sauce select your own brand. Once done, Baste them again with barbecue sauce and then get ready for some good eating. I should mention that Mike loved them.

Mince Pie

I enjoy mince pie but it’s been harder and harder to find it. From Thanksgiving to Christmas I always have a taste for it. But not many stores are carrying mince pies anymore. So I did the next best thing. I purchased a jar of mincemeat complete with raisins and apples. Now I can just put a spoon in the jar and I’m in heaven. Does anyone out there know of a good recipe for mince pie?

The Greening of Big Bass Lake

sometimes it’s hard to get good pictures of Big Bass Lake. Many times the lake is overcast and sometimes we get a blue look to the film. But today, the lake has a greenish look to it and that’s because the reflection of the Trees of the lake. To me, the lake looks even more beautiful than ever before. I have the motor boat out today and as I pass by the tree line of the land the green Reflections are overpowering. I’ll have to do this more often. Well until next time happy Motoring.

Pier Fishing

what a beautiful day for fishing at Big Bass Lake. I’ve dabbed my hook with peanut butter and I’m ready to fish for perch. I gave up on the worms long ago and have switched to either peanut butter or cheese. I think fish have lost there taste for worms. It is said that worms have protein in them but I suppose fish will have to get their protein somewhere else at least today. Ask for how I did today, I caught for perch and one bluegill. And all without using one worm.