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Demonic serpent attacks lighthouse!

IMG_20170924_115822 wow! Do all of you see that serpent?  That is one on interesting picture.  What do you see in this picture? Can you make out that demonic serpent?  In the future I will have another post about another demonic picture attacking the lighthouse so stay tuned in to Big Bass Lake & Beyond!

The power of Lake Michigan

IMG_20170924_103211 Lake Michigan  has gigantic waves when the wind blows nightly. The literal power of water has always amazed me. I’ve often swam in Lake Michigan. Sometimes the very currents takes you seven hundred yards down the shore without you even knowing it. That’s The Power of water. The winds that hit the western shore of Lake Michigan are mighty. That causes enormous  waves to form. Have you ever tried bodysurfing? If so, in these waves, you’d have a Bible handy!

And a prayer or two would’nt hurt either.

IMG_20170922_213038 this is the Loon Lake roller rink and if they had one could not big  Bass Lake have one too? Think about it? With all the new homes going into this area shouldn’t the young people have something to do? Of course they have Lake activities during the day but what about at night? And this is an activity for the entire family! Something to consider?

5e486027adc58d016568a6738085d74b--funny-signs-funny-memes back in the 1980s, I had sold Jack my green station wagon. Jack was the owner of the Big Bass Lake store at that time. he was driving   it home on Michigan Highway 37 when he met one of those suicidal deers. The car was totaled but Jack was okay. In 10 years of driving that car I have never had an accident. Jack was not as fortunate. Oh well he still had the store. Jack never told me what he did with the deer.

My home Church

Advent Darlene Reynolds sometimes talks about her faith and this being Sunday I thought I’d share with you a little about my home Church. It has an extremely large pipe organ with five divisions including two in the balcony. When played to its fullest it can outplay a 1,000 member congregation including five choirs! 

Weird Arizona signs

cfebc649c4dfb19852770cb8cfd1768d I think most people know that when it rains, the road gets wet .Duh! What do they expect to be on the road dust ! I don’t wonder what company made up this sign? Maybe the company that made this should reevaluate  what they did ? A danger dinosaur sign  is crazy . Everyone knows that dinosaurs don’t exist today except maybe the guy that did the sign! Now Arizona is famous for excavations of dinosaur’s bones but real dinosaurs? Maybe the creator of both of these signs needs to look for other work?


Ethereal Sauble Lake

2d0aaa8dc986de2cd8807735f8b241f8--sunrises-irons-1 Mike is taking him many fishing trips to Sauble Lake but this one time I caught a picture of the lake that was rather enchanting. The sunset was spectacular. It was somewhat of a purple Hue over the Lake that seemed to reflect over everyteverything. Mike would argue that it didn’t reflect on the fish. Thank God for that because I don’t want to clean purple fish. In the event that you did not know Sauble Lake comes in a package deal of five lakes.  A channel connects all five. By the way my husband caught his limit that day.

What has happened to The Ward Hill ski area? The last time I posted on this subject there was still an area used by adults for skiing and sledding. They even had a website but it no longer exists. Does anyone know the current status of this area? Leave us a comment to start the discussion.IMG_20170923_170359

Hang on Sloopy!

How would you like to try this sometime ? Why go to the amusement park when you can have fun like this ? Pilot to control tower we’re taking off ! Can you imagine  a parent’s face  seeing something like this ? You’d better get out the insurance forms . Those kids however are having the time of their life . I wonder if those boys are carrying a parachute ?IMG_20170923_140840

Pontoons on the lake

Nothing is better than taking a leisurely pontoon boat ride on Big Bass Lake . They have plenty of zip to them  even though they are not as fast as the speed boat . The pontoon boat is nice because you can sit  in a relaxed State while enjoying the lake . Because you weren’t going really well that fast you can enjoy the scenery. After all you have five Islands on the lake Plus a channel between big and little Bass Lake. Happy Motoring!140dcbbf-e9e2-451a-bb78-c53b8fa3

Eagles Theater 2

IMG_20170922_162331IMG_20170922_162355the Eagles Theater in Wabash has private boxes which is unusual in most movie theaters. In my time those private boxes were never used. Long ago this theater had Vaudeville and even a theater organ. At that time I’m sure the private boxes were used. On the 4th floor of this theater was a private Ballroom. You can’t tell it from this picture but I’m sure that area was glorious. All in all the Eagles Theater in Wabash is really something.

Eagles Theater

IMG_20170922_162450IMG_20170922_162422this is the Eagles Theater in Wabash Indiana. When I lived in Wabash in the 1960s this theater only showed movies. one of its main distinctions was that it had three decks. Most movie theaters have only one or the most two. Now in this present age this theater is used not only for movies but also for Life performances. Each year they also hold a James Dean movie festival. The theater is now owned by the Honeywell Corporation of Wabash. If you’re ever in Wabash you might want to check this theater out

IMG_20170922_230923 could Phoenix be the next Independence Day? My wife took this picture outside of Phoenix and it resembles the Flying Saucer in the movie Independence Day. Of course it was probably just a unusual cloud formation. Then again what if it wasn’t?

Lumber Company destroyed by fire

IMG_20170922_160109 an old high school friend of mine lost his distance in a fire in Wabash Indiana. The fire almost took out several surrounding businesses
Ken had been in business sense 1978. His father began the business much earlier
Fortunately there was no loss of life
However his company was totally destroyed. I hope he is doing well after this disaster.

IMG_20170922_162715 you might need a record size warm to catch this baby. A friend sent me this picture of something interesting on Big Bass Lake. Instead of saying this is the one that got away you might want to say you got away! I think creature eats speed boats for lunch. And I don’t want to ask what eats for dinner!

IMG_20170922_111957 when the salesian Intercit when the salesian Intercity Boys Club came to Lake,Bass Lake, they spent sometime on our raft. There’s nothing like watching little boys on a raft watching the world go by. Some just like to watch the boats go by and others like to dive off the raft
But the majority of the kids were out there to get a suntan
A raft give the kids a breather from swimming. I’m glad it’s there.

End of the world?

84552054 a friend from California called me today and explained about the end of the world. Apparently some nut appeared on California TV stations saying that the end of the world would come on September 23rd
I would suppose that those TV stations were hacked
My friend said that the voice he heard was that of Hitler. A panic took over social media. The one predicting this nonsense was supposedly a prophet understanding egyptology
Can you believe anyone would fall for this? Rest assured our world of safe!

Go with the flow

IMG_20170922_055953 now this would be a cool place to be. I wonder how the fishing is today. The only thing I would fear would be a warm spell. Down the old expression sink or swim would come into play. I’ve often wished that I can have air conditioning when I fish. I wonder if they caught anything? Maybe a cold?

IMG_20170922_074818 this is the new Joplin Boys Club now known as the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Missouri
Here you can see air hockey and fooseball. This new building was not yet finished when I was the executive director. The older building had a more congested game room
This game room is wide open
The boys club now is completely surrounded by a fence. The front lawn of that club would be perfect for a Frisbee Golf Course. I will have more of this club in the future.

MI+Lake+County+Eden+Twp+Irons+Sc does anyone in our audience know anything about the current status of the camp Martin Johnson Heritage Museum in irons Michigan? I’ve been out of the loop for about 4 years. I’m sure some former campers know what’s going on? Leave us a comment to update us

IMG_20170921_161537 I would like to thank the administrator of this site for letting me do a post. That was cool. By the way my name is Chuck am I have a friend who owns the cottage at little Bass Lake and I’m going to share with you about this lake. My friend says that little Bass Lake is deeper then Big Bass Lake it’s cousin. I had a good time on a motorboat exploring the whole lake
But my boat couldn’t get into the channel. The water was too low that day. You can take it to the bank that this lake is real cool.

IMG_20170921_161258 there won’t be much to this post because I will be leaving it up to Camp Martin Johnson campers
This postcard was taken at the little Manistee River. Alright campers the ball is in your court!

801_ironscafe_shirt if you want good eating especially for breakfast then the Iron’s Cafe in irons Michigan is for you. Along with great hospitality they have outstanding food. The combination makes this an A1 place to eat. Anyone can make bacon and eggs or oatmeal but only the Iron’s Cafe can make them superb. Located in beautiful downtown irons Michigan you’ll have a food Feast here. I heartily recommend this restaurant to anyone.

IMG_20170921_110128 I am a horrible photographer as I didn’t line up this little tyke right
When I was out in California last year I came across I came across this little boy and couldn’t resist taking his picture. Upon arrival back at home I often wondered why little boys daydream? What are those precious little bundles of Joy thinking about? Perhaps it’s visions of Joy about no school? Or maybe he was wondering why I was taking a picture of him? He was just too good to pass up and I didn’t even get his name. I don’t think his name was Homer though.

IMG_20170921_064524 when I was a forest ranger I learned about survival. One never knows when they will be caught up being lost
Nature’s supermarket provides the answer
to survivalsurvival. The best place to look for food are actually swamps
Have you ever heard of the rock tripe plant? You can largely find them grown on rocks. when you gather them up you must put them in water and boil them. This process must be repeated over and over again. The Rock tripe plant tastes like the white of an egg. It is somewhat starchy and chewy. So next time you’re lost look for some rocks and enjoy supper

Arizona or Michigan?

931960721_29646c04d7 when Darlene and I moved out to Arizona 2 years ago I had a misconception that all of Arizona was Desert. Boy was I in for a shock because this picture is from the Prescott National Forest which is anything but desert. I quickly found out Arizona is a Fisherman’s Paradise. The only difference between Arizona and Michigan is Arizona is a tad warmer. And Arizona’s much less humid. From time to time I will divert from Michigan to my new home state of Arizona. I can tell you that Frick & Frack aren’t as happy here being Huskies. But they’re getting old and will not have to deal with the heat much longer. That’s about all have to say this time around.

IMG_20170920_231356 when I lived in Michigan I was a church organist. Now that I’m living in Phoenix I also play a church organ where I attend. I have heard a lot of things said about making America great again. But if you truly desire to make America great again you must stand on the word of God
Maybe this isn’t the platform for Big Bass Lake and Beyond but I have a voice on this website and I shall exercises it. Galatians Galatians 1:10 says if you still please men you are not a servant ofChrist
pleasing men will not make America great again but pleasing Christ wwill! Think about that over breakfast today

The return of red eye!

bloodtears the question is does red eye still haunt the Big Bass Lake Cemetery? If you’re a former camper a camp Martin Johnson please advise! Provide us your personal stories that is if you dare?

IMG_20170920_151827 I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone as it is a most controversial one. Summer camps have lost their initial purpose. The word camping in and of itself means what it says. Camping is being in the Great Outdoors. Yes is learning how to cook a camping experience? Camping is also learning how to use a hatchet and a compass. Yet today camping is sports and more sports. You can do Sports in the city. I have worked at two summer camps and they are Camp Mishawaka and Union League Boys Club camp. Each had a camping area known as super welding and tent city. But in each of those camps those areas are long gone

One was replaced by a tennis court and the other a training area. If kids go to the summer camp they deserve a camping experience. That is what camping is all about. I know there will be people that will disagree with this editorial and I welcome comments to start the discussion.

ISu0cy0jydky7b0000000000 I think that the National Hockey League is on Safe ground here!