Aerial Farm Field

Just to the right of Big Bass Lake Road and running all the way to Noreika Road was our family farm field. When I think of all the land that my grandfather, Joseph Noreika, had to clear it boggles the imagination. From the end of the farming field at Noreika Road to where the old cabin once stood is at least a good half mile. In those days I wonder how many crops he operated?

As a boy I once envisioned a major league ballpark where the immediate field stood. Just across our gravel driveway was a field with the exact proportions for a major league park. It was at this location where the field opened up with a vastness all the way to the tree lined shore of Big Bass Lake including a one time orchard.  That ball field, though, would never become a reality as our singular tree in the middle of that field would have had to be replaced and its uniqueness would not make that possible.

The only crops I remember were our expansive garden which seemed to have changed locations over the years which would be a form of crop rotation I suppose. At one time it was on the other side of our gravel driveway alongside the chicken coop and then again it was along the gravel road on the side closest to the lake. Finally it seemed to have established itself just outside the new cottage.

At any rate that is one large tract of farm land.

Busy Day on Big Bass Lake

Are my eyes deceiving me  or are those lanes on Big Bass Lake? It could be for some sort of boat race? Here are two boats heading to those lanes right now. That pontoon boat could either be a judge, spectator, or fisherman. Interesting concept. Are their scheduled races on the lake today?  

Lake Michigan Whoa Zone

I have a video for you tonight of the Whoa Zone located in Whiting Indiana on Lake Michigan. This water park is actually in Lake Michigan. There are Jungle Jim’s, water slides, and trampolines all set in 8 feet of water. zone You might want to check it out this summer and it’s open daily weather permitting.

What’s IN Little Bass Lake? by Jason I

I borrowed a friend’s boat at Little Bass Lake to do a little evening fishing. I had caught two perch when something bumped into my boat from Below. I almost lost my balance and fell out of the boat. It scared me because it was quite a jolt. After a few moments I regained my composure and cast my line out again. Within a few seconds something hit my boat from below again. I grabbed each side of my boat and held on. After a moment I grabbed the oars and headed for shore. I told my friend what happened and he said that I had too much to drink. I told him that I might have agreed with him but I wasn’t drinking out there. Something is out there in Little Bass Lake. I sure won’t be going back anytime soon.

Aerial Big and Little Bass Lakes

Here is a fine aerial photograph of both Big and Little Bass Lakes. The channel between the two is there but hard to locate on this map. I would be interested to learn where those that are on Big and Little Bass Lake have their cottages located around the lake?

I understand that the noted Big Bass Lake area historian, Anne Louise Chase, has her cottage located quite near the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake and our former cottage was on the southwest corner of Big Bass Lake although our property extended farther up the southwest corner.

The former Richard Benish property was where the public landing now sits. So, how about the rest of you? Leave us a comment and let us know where your cottages are in relation to these two lakes.

Plus all five islands are there for you to see, Haunted Island (Matson’s), The Big Island, Grandma’s Hat, Four Winds, and Turtle.

The Errie Fog at Loon Lake

Loch Loon

My friend Ben recently invited me to fish at Loon Lake in Lake County which is just a stone’s throw from Dave Norris’s favorite lake, that being Big Bass Lake. The two of us set out in early morning on a day when the fog was so thick I couldn’t even make Ben out in our boat if I hadn’t known it was him.

When I cast out my line it disappeared into that pea soup. Talk about an errie feeling and that fog lasted for nearly an hour before lifting. It reminded me of the lakes, or loch’s, of Scotland. Ben was just a hazy siloutte just a few feet away in our boat.

I can’t ever remember fishing in a fog so thick before. If there were other fishermen out there the odds of running into them literally would have been great. When I got home later that afternoon, my wife made me some pea soup to which I let out a huge belly laugh saying, “Ive already had that today, my love“. I ate it anyway to keep peace in the family.

The North Side of Big Bass Lake

I never spent a whole lot of time on the North side of Big Bass Lake except for an occassional trip to the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake. I also took our motorboat to the north side of the lake a few times but since our property was off the southwest portion of the lake that was my primary range of activities. I also ventured to the southeast part of the lake a lot as that is where the Big Bass Lake store was located.

Camp Martin Johnson would have to be considered on the North side of the lake. Also there is what some refer to as the sunken island. There the lake is only a few feet deep even though it would appear to be in the middle of that portion of the lake. On the shore it would look somewhat peculiar to observe people standing up in the middle of the lake and walking around.

There also used to be a resort on the north side of the lake. Anyone know more about that resort? I think there are four to choose from, Grants, Homestead, Anderson’s, and Dinty Moore. On the south shore there was Peacock’s Resort for a time and I think another one exists yet today. Let us know by way of a comment.


Do you remember this area at Big Bass Lake Road? It was a detour of sorts in the early days up to the early 1960s. It was C-Shaped and went around a portion of the swamp each way. It is still there as evidence today. The road  always has a slight bump in Big Bass Lake Road yet today.
Some say it is leveled annually But only the great Scarecrow would know that? Was the swamp his hideout? More soon.

Aerial Harper Lake

I am pleased to add a new category to Big Bass Lake and Beyond and it is Harper Lake. Harper Lake has a resort on the lake which you can access on our blogroll. This lake has two islands on it. They are in close proximity to each other and one is large and the other quite smaller. From time to time I will be featuring pictures of Harper Lake. Comments are welcome at all times.

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