4th of July Special

I’m getting an early start for the 4th of July at Big Bass Lake as for the next several days, I am going to be bringing you some of the creative floats showcased at the Parade of Boats at Big Bass Lake held each 4th of July. Here, the Yellow Plane is leading the floats onto the parade route on the lake.

I once thought this plane was a mere float and not the real thing but later learned that the plane is not only real but is housed on Big Bass Lake on the north shore.

This first part of our 4th of July series centers on this yellow plane. Does anyone know who the owner of this plane might be? Elsewhere at Big Bass Lake and Beyond we show where it is docked including a sock bag that serves as a windbag,


Hoffman Estates Boys Club Athletic Field

This was the athletic field for the Hoffman Estates Boys Club. We had two softball fields about a hundred yards apart. We had a football field for our three football teams. The teams were the Lancers, the Trojans, and the Titans. On the softball field we played softball, kickball, and Bubble Ball. The field was also used for field hockey and frisbee golf. In the summer months arts and crafts was held on the field for sketching. The field also hosted our track team. It was a great asset to our boys club.

A Raft on Big Bass Lake

IMG_20170922_111957 When the salesian Intercity Boys Club came to Big Bass Lake, they spent sometime on our raft. There’s nothing like watching little boys on a raft watching the world go by. Some just like to watch the boats go by and others like to dive off the raft
But the majority of the kids were out there to get a suntan
A raft give the kids a breather from swimming. I’m glad it’s there.

Big Boy Graveyard

big-boy-3 I should have had Darlene explain this to me as this new WordPress format is difficult to comprehend
The big boy graveyard is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
It is full of discarded big boy images
For those not in the know Big Boy restaurants were big throughout the Midwest
Azar’s big boys we’re about as tasty of a hamburger as you could get as the sauce was magnificent
Check the graveyard out if you’re ever in the upper peninsula.

Ethereal Sauble Lake

2d0aaa8dc986de2cd8807735f8b241f8--sunrises-irons-1 Mike is taking him many fishing trips to Sauble Lake but this one time I caught a picture of the lake that was rather enchanting. The sunset was spectacular. It was somewhat of a purple Hue over the Lake that seemed to reflect over everyteverything. Mike would argue that it didn’t reflect on the fish. Thank God for that because I don’t want to clean purple fish. In the event that you did not know Sauble Lake comes in a package deal of five lakes.  A channel connects all five. By the way my husband caught his limit that day.

The Big Bass Lake School in the 1800’s

Do you notice something missing here? Trees! This is during the time when lumber companies devastated the area by curing down too many trees out of greed. That could have provided this school with a couple of topics for the day. My dad told me there were two communities in those days.

There were English and Lithuanian households and each kept separate. My father and his brothers and sisters had to speak in Lithuanian at home and not the English they were learning in school. In those days school was in one large classroom. Any comments about your families in those days?

Lucky in Michigan

Lucky loves Michigan and especially Lake Michigan. I think he’s forgotten all about Arizona. He found me and a friend there while we were camping in the Prescott National Forest. After no one claimed him, Darlene and I adopted him. He’s an all outdoor dog. But he lives indoors with us. I often wonder how he will take to Michigan snow? This is the most affectionate dog we’ve ever owned. In his regard, we’ve all been Lucky.

The Power of Lake Michigan

IMG_20170924_103211 Lake Michigan  has gigantic waves when the wind blows nightly. The literal power of water has always amazed me. I’ve often swam in Lake Michigan. Sometimes the very currents takes you seven hundred yards down the shore without you even knowing it. That’s The Power of water. The winds that hit the western shore of Lake Michigan are mighty. That causes enormous  waves to form. Have you ever tried bodysurfing? If so, in these waves, you’d have to have a Bible handy!

And a prayer or two would’nt hurt either.

Keeping Kids Safe at Sunken Island

You might be wondering why all the boats  are surrounding children swimming  in Big Bass Lake? The reason is  the children are swimming  on sunken island! For about 30 yards  the water is only 2 feet deep. Just outside the perimeter of the boats  the water drops off  to about  40 feet deep. It is quite the popular place to swim around Big Bass Lake. Sunken island  is located  just east  of Four Winds Island. It is about 100 yards away  from the channel that leads to little Bass Lake. You can actually see  children  standing in the middle of Big Bass Lake from the shore. Interestingly enough  nearby Wolf Lake is only two or three feet deep throughout the lake


Autumn Dining Meant Deer Meat and Carrot Juice

I didn’t have the opportunity of spending many Autumns at Big Bass Lake because my grandmother was always heading south for the winter to stay with my Aunt Barb in Enterprise, Alabama. Our family helped her get to Wabash, Indiana, from the farm but as I recall I only went on that trip twice. I never got to explore our property due to hunting season being in place and my dad told me the woods would be a most dangerous place at that time.

I did get the chance to row out on the lake and see scenes such as the one featured in our photograph today. Perhaps I was more fortunate than I thought as scenes like this are also reflected on the lake making the color doublely delicious. Plus the lake at this time of the year has few speedboats on it so you almost have the lake to yourself.

My supper that evening was venison and carrot juice as my grandmother served what she had left to serve. I supplimented some water after that carrot juice. For Breakfast we had the last of the Sugar Crisp and then we were on our way south back to Indiana

A Subdued Sunset

Well, I’m back at one of my favorite photo opportunities that being the Sauble River Outlet into Lake Michigan. In this picture I adore the subtle hues in the sky that reflect off the water.  They almost want to lull you into slumberland.  On this day the air is so still you could almost cut it with a knife.

I waded into the outlet near where it merges with Lake Michigan today and the warm waters of the outlet totally relaxed me.  Being shallow they take in the warmth of the sun far better than it ever does in Lake Michigan. 

How many of you have shared this wonderful outlet or even allowed your children to wade its waters?  It’s just one of my favorite places to be in all of Michigan.