The Eagle Has Landed!

 you never want to mess with an eagle’s nest. Just like a mother bear protects her Cubs so will a mother eagle protect her young. But that only goes so far. When the young Eagles are ready to fly she takes them to a cliff. She drops them off to get them to learn to fly. If the young Eagle fails to fly the first time, they got a second attempt. On the third attempt the mother does not catch the ey the mother does not catch the young eagle and they fall to their death. I suppose the third time is the charm does not apply here. The bottom line is stay away from an eagle’s nest.


When I was a young boy  I went to this building  to get a haircut .  My dad took me to the back of our property  and across the creek  to get to this building . I am sure this was the building  but I don’t know if it was called Bradshaw’s then. I do remember getting a pretty good haircut  plus a lollipop . Do any of our readers  know any more about Bradshaw’s ?IMG_20171016_152337

First Congregational Church in Tower Hill camp

Tower Hill camp now the day is over night is drawing nigh, Shadows of the evening steal across the sky. I attended Tower Hill camp when I was 9 years old through the First Congregational Church of Oak Park Illinois. I remember the great food there, Mount Baldy at Lake Michigan, and the great campfires. For a nine year old boy nights are a little spooky as it was even in this Christian Camp and some of the counselors assisted that fear we’re stories of the green hand coming out of Lake Michigan. All in all it was a great experience.

Update on Ward Hill Ski Area

the-lodgeNow that I live in Arizona  I’m a little detached in this area .  But a friend emailed me  about  the Ward Hill  ski area . Some of this information is not new .  It seemed that Brothers  Dan and Tim Kennedy  own this facility in 2012 . They made extensive repairs to the lodge including a loud speaker system. They also cleared up an area for sledding. It would seem that they were not interested in skiing, but rather sledding which is not as cost effective. The  lodge itself was to be used for parties. The brothers also wanted more summer activities than  winter including volleyball and off-site canoe trips. Overwhelming debt did them in. Upon graduating from Michigan Tim plans to continue the project. We shall wait and see.

Thanksgiving and turkey

IMG_20171001_115128 I have a lot to be thankful for this year. It is our third Thanksgiving in Arizona and I no longer have to endure the horrible cold Winters in Michigan. This morning I was out playing golf and I plan to watch football this afternoon. Darlene is in the kitchen making turkey and stuffing yams and both sweet potato pie and mince pie. I’m here in my Den typing this post. I’m also thankful for living in the best country in the world. I also have the best wife in the world. I’m thankful for my two Huskies Frick & Frack. And  I’m thankful for being able to write my post here at Big Bass Lake and Beyond. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Winter Is Here!

I’d like to remind everyone that the beach is closed today even for the Polar Bear Club. Even the breakwater is a treacherous mess. Ah, but that’s a Ludington winter. Our snowbirds never experience that in Florida. I.would hazard to say that our snowbirds are not.true Michiganders,! They are fair weather pretenders.

One that is true to Michigan is here year round. After all, who would want to miss all this?



Fireworks Fire

 On a camping trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Darlene and I built a fire that gave out a fireworks display. I don’t know what kind of wood I gathered that day but it gave us both a surprise. We both jumped away from the fire when the sparks intensified. Maybe ISIS did something to the wood? The sparks lasted about five minutes. While the fire sparked, I did a little sparking of my own.

Gentle flow of water

IMG_20171006_142355 today the Sauble River is only a trickle of water. I love how it Shimmers. That warm trickle of water is about to immerse itself in coldness. I never Tire of this location. The one photograph I’ve missed over the years is when the Sauble River is swollen while emptying into Lake Michigan.  Each flow of water would be running in opposite directions. The crash into each other would be something to see.