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Camp Martin Johnson postcard

IMG_20170921_161258 there won’t be much to this post because I will be leaving it up to Camp Martin Johnson campers
This postcard was taken at the little Manistee River. Alright campers the ball is in your court!

801_ironscafe_shirt if you want good eating especially for breakfast then the Iron’s Cafe in irons Michigan is for you. Along with great hospitality they have outstanding food. The combination makes this an A1 place to eat. Anyone can make bacon and eggs or oatmeal but only the Iron’s Cafe can make them superb. Located in beautiful downtown irons Michigan you’ll have a food Feast here. I heartily recommend this restaurant to anyone.

IMG_20170921_110128 I am a horrible photographer as I didn’t line up this little tyke right
When I was out in California last year I came across I came across this little boy and couldn’t resist taking his picture. Upon arrival back at home I often wondered why little boys daydream? What are those precious little bundles of Joy thinking about? Perhaps it’s visions of Joy about no school? Or maybe he was wondering why I was taking a picture of him? He was just too good to pass up and I didn’t even get his name. I don’t think his name was Homer though.

IMG_20170921_064524 when I was a forest ranger I learned about survival. One never knows when they will be caught up being lost
Nature’s supermarket provides the answer
to survivalsurvival. The best place to look for food are actually swamps
Have you ever heard of the rock tripe plant? You can largely find them grown on rocks. when you gather them up you must put them in water and boil them. This process must be repeated over and over again. The Rock tripe plant tastes like the white of an egg. It is somewhat starchy and chewy. So next time you’re lost look for some rocks and enjoy supper

Arizona or Michigan?

931960721_29646c04d7 when Darlene and I moved out to Arizona 2 years ago I had a misconception that all of Arizona was Desert. Boy was I in for a shock because this picture is from the Prescott National Forest which is anything but desert. I quickly found out Arizona is a Fisherman’s Paradise. The only difference between Arizona and Michigan is Arizona is a tad warmer. And Arizona’s much less humid. From time to time I will divert from Michigan to my new home state of Arizona. I can tell you that Frick & Frack aren’t as happy here being Huskies. But they’re getting old and will not have to deal with the heat much longer. That’s about all have to say this time around.

IMG_20170920_231356 when I lived in Michigan I was a church organist. Now that I’m living in Phoenix I also play a church organ where I attend. I have heard a lot of things said about making America great again. But if you truly desire to make America great again you must stand on the word of God
Maybe this isn’t the platform for Big Bass Lake and Beyond but I have a voice on this website and I shall exercises it. Galatians Galatians 1:10 says if you still please men you are not a servant ofChrist
pleasing men will not make America great again but pleasing Christ wwill! Think about that over breakfast today

bloodtears the question is does red eye still haunt the Big Bass Lake Cemetery? If you’re a former camper a camp Martin Johnson please advise! Provide us your personal stories that is if you dare?

IMG_20170920_151827 I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone as it is a most controversial one. Summer camps have lost their initial purpose. The word camping in and of itself means what it says. Camping is being in the Great Outdoors. Yes is learning how to cook a camping experience? Camping is also learning how to use a hatchet and a compass. Yet today camping is sports and more sports. You can do Sports in the city. I have worked at two summer camps and they are Camp Mishawaka and Union League Boys Club camp. Each had a camping area known as super welding and tent city. But in each of those camps those areas are long gone

One was replaced by a tennis court and the other a training area. If kids go to the summer camp they deserve a camping experience. That is what camping is all about. I know there will be people that will disagree with this editorial and I welcome comments to start the discussion.

ISu0cy0jydky7b0000000000 I think that the National Hockey League is on Safe ground here!

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In memory of Mike McMillan

donald-mcmillan I only learned about the death of Mike McMillan A few days ago. I serve with Mike at the Marion boys club in the 1970s
At the time Mike was program director and I was the educational director
I remember Mike for his gentle sense of humor his compassion for his position and his leadership ability. He will be sorely missed by that community. I would hope that the current Grant County Boys and Girls Club will honor him in some special way. Perhaps the leadership award given in his name with the appropriate. Wherever you are now you are in a far better place. I feel honored to have known you.

Feeling Groovy

4442575 one of my readers informed me about the Marion Boys Club singers. I was the educational director of the boys at the time. Dale Knaur was the director of the group. They made a record of about 16 songs. However the album was not a big success because you couldn’t see the cuteness of the boys while you listen to the music
The group eventually went to Washington DC to sing at Congress and was only the second group ever to sing there at the time the other group being the Beatles. The congressman gave them a standing ovation and I was so proud of the kids that day. So now you can see what the album looked like. And this post is being dedicated to the memory of Mike McMillan who passed away last month
Mike was the program director of the Marion boys club at the time.

Duck hunting

IMG_20170920_060642 I’m presently living in Arizona and retirement is going well. Darlene and I are very content here however I do miss hunting. I must confess and I’m not big at duck hunting however I would have to be blind as a bat not to be able to hit this duck. My two Husky dogs couldn’t retrieve this couldn’t retrieve this Duck together. But just think about those piec but just think about the feast this duck would bring!

Big Boy graveyard

big-boy-3 I should have had Darlene explain this to me as this new WordPress format is difficult to comprehend
The big boy graveyard is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
It is full of discarded big boy images
For those not in the know Big Boy restaurants were big throughout the Midwest
Azar’s big boys we’re about as tasty of a hamburger as you could get as the sauce was magnificent
Check the graveyard out if you’re ever in the upper peninsula.

Who would want to work here with a sign like that? I was driving by this the other day and couldn’t resist taking a picture of it.   what do you think? Would you want to work here after seeing a sign like that?Now-Hiring-Full-Time-Losers-Funny-Sign

Beef jerky?

this sounds like something from a Hollywood movie what the title character   being beef jerky

Do any of you Remember The Beverly Hillbillies ?  They had a character called beef jerky that he was just that

Oh well  nothing perfect in this world

I’m glad to be back posting.5995634766_82d558e472_z

Why take a bath when you can take a shower?


Frosty Alice Lake

I Wonder if  Ed Lake likes to ice skate here?polaroid_2017-09-18_20-29-03_original

I’ve always wondered what it might be like to live on Four Winds Island in the winter? Of course you’d have to lay in a lot of supplies. Then again are wires strung out to the island for electricity or do they have their own generator? I think it would be great to own your own island.

And whereas the mainland Camp Martin Johnson is almost all but lost the same can’t be held true on Four Winds Island where history is still present. Several of the cabins, with graffiti, are still there for the looking. I can almost imagine former campers going out there with memories rolling in high gear. At least some of CMJ is still preserved on Four Winds Island.

Chopping Your Own Christmas Tree


How about the great outdoors for your Christmas tree store? Now our picture is from a Christmas tree farm but what about property that you might own where there is an abundance of Christmas trees already there? Our property had several areas where a good pine tree of size could have been chopped down and trimmed to living room standards.

When one chops down their own tree it somehow makes it even more festive than those we purchase from parking lots where trees are shipped in from around the country. I have personally chopped down my own tree on more than one occassion and it makes that tree even more special.

The trimmings on the tree of lights and ornaments make it even brighter. Remember, though, to keep that tree well watered during the Christmas season so that the pine needles don’t try out making them even greater fire hazards than before.